Voice Frequency Analytics is a biometrics tool developed by Wynyard ACA for identity revelation of a speaker. It is beneficial for law enforcement in identifying the speaker behind a voice or decoding a voice note.

4 july predictive analysis


Wynyard Data Investigator and Analyzer is an analytical tool that provides a platform to gain insight into the massive amount of data extracted through various formats.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, there has been an increase in the number of crimes occurring in schools of Tennessee from 8,494 offenses in 2015 to 9,642 offenses in 2017. The numbers are overwhelming and alarming.

Recent Bomb Blasts in Austin – A New Form of Terrorism

The recent trail of explosions that happened in Austin, Texas has made the police thinking if all the four attacks are related to each other. First explosion took place on March 2, killing a 39-year-old man. On March 12, two more explosions took place, killing a 17-year-old boy and injuring two other women. All these three explosions were package bombs that exploded outside the houses.

The latest blast occurred on March 18, injuring two people. This is the fourth explosion to hit Austin in less than three weeks. The reason behind the explosions is not clear yet. However, they look like a hate crime as all the victims of the blast were black or Hispanic. The police have not yet confirmed if the last explosion is similar to the first three or not.

All the three blasts included packages that were not mailed or delivered by private carriers, instead they were left on the doorsteps overnight. After the incidents, many such unclaimed and suspicious packages have been reported to the police. The people of the city are living under a constant fear of another bomb exploding in some other part.

Advanced Crime Analytics tool by Wynyard Group efficiently tracks such sequences of crimes and raises an alarm. Superior algorithms of the software help the Law Enforcement to predict and prevent crime. The software works on anomaly detection that reveals the unusual patterns of behavior across data sources.

With each passing day, it is becoming imperative to take stronger actions to curb such attacks and terrorism. Crime analytics software are built to ease out the manual work of the Law Enforcement. Undoubtedly, the police is taking extreme measures to stop crime. Technology would only be an added advantage for the security personnel to fight crime.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can prevent Financial Crimes

When a financial crime is committed, it often escapes the attention at first. The intensity of the crime comes in to notice much later. Similar thing happened with Nirav Modi, a renowned diamond jeweler who recently got exposed in a financial bank fraud in India.

Modi has a chain of jewelry stores & boutiques in Delhi, Mumbai, New York, Singapore, Honolulu, Las Vegas and Beijing. Initially, when the scam came into light, it was stated that he has forged an amount of Rs 114 billion. However, the latest reports state that the amount could reach up to Rs 127 billion.

With one case, more similar cases come in to the limelight. Financial crimes are not just limited to credit card fraud or tax evasion. It is a much larger sphere that could lead to crimes such as anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, and drug/human trafficking. Banks and other organizations take measures after the incidence takes place, whereas, preventive measures should be taken to prevent such crimes before they occur.

Fraud and financial crimes are not just limited to MNCs or financial institutions. Small organizations can also be equally affected. In order to deal with financial crimes in a much sophisticated and effective way, a dynamic approach involving technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence is required. Small scale organizations are at a higher risk as they take less preventive measures and are more vulnerable.

Wynyard Group’s Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) software is a robust solution to fight financial crimes that plague the world. Artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms used in ACA learn from evolving criminal behavior and highlight anomalous instances that need further investigation. Thus, predicting and preventing crime beforehand.

A vigorous anti-fraud ecosystem needs to be built that would proactively mitigate financial risks. ACA is a real-time detecting software built with the combination of AI & cognitive analytics that could prevent and investigate suspicious activities.

Another School Shooting in US – When Will This Stop?


The attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is the deadliest school shooting since 2012 in US. It is saddening to see a teenager killing his fellow ex-schoolmates and teachers.

What has the world come to? What wrong had those teenagers (aged 14 – 18) done to deserve such hatred? How was Nikolas Cruz, 19 years old able to buy guns and ammunition? Why no action was taken when the school authorities had alarmed the teachers about his behavioral issues? In spite of his unnatural social media activities and his unhidden craze about guns, police was not warned? These are just a few questions that people of Florida and parents of victims have been asking.

Cruz came back to his school from where he had been expelled a year ago, this time only with different motives. He executed 17 premeditated murders and escaped the scene undetected. If the details of this heinous crime are to be seen closely, he had left enough traces to track his behavioral patterns that should have put him under strict surveillance.

We are just seven weeks into 2018, and there have already been eight school shootings in US that resulted in death or injury. The last school shooting in the UK was in 1996, more than 20 years ago. After the incident, the UK government banned ownership of semi-automatic and pump-action rifles, weapons that fire explosive ammunition, short shotguns with magazines, and elevated pump-action and self-loading rifles.

Wynyard Group strongly condemns such atrocious attacks that kill people around the world. If we don’t unite and stand against such crimes then we’re an accomplice. Law enforcement around the world need to strengthen and take help of the technology to predict and prevent such attacks. May strength be with the families of the victims!


It is alarming to note that offences involving guns are significantly increasing in London since 2014. Wynyard Group with the help of its powerful investigative analytics solutions supports the law enforcement agencies in predicting and preventing crime.

Chicago saw a huge number of homicide cases in the past Two years as compared to New York that has triple the population of Chicago. Crime Analytics software by Wynyard Group is used by leading police departments across the globe to safeguard the integrity of national security.


Increasing Crimes with Cryptocurrencies

Nine years ago when Bitcoin was introduced to the world, who knew it would become such a rage in the coming years. One bitcoin that came at a nominal price of $1 in 2011, has reached to more than $15,000 today. On a daily basis, a lot of unique users are added to the list of people already owning this cryptocurrency. This raises a concern about the increasing criminal endeavors.

People who invested in Bitcoin, surely gained benefit out of it. However, the cryptocurrencies also come with a few side effects that can’t be ignored. The global law enforcement acknowledges cryptocurrency as the play area of the criminals. Money laundering, extortion, tax evasion and contraband transactions have become too easy with the increased usage of bitcoins.

Bitcoin is considered to be anonymous, but in reality, it is not. All users can view the entire history of Bitcoin transactions. Considering this fact, criminals tend to find other anonymous cryptocurrencies to defeat the law enforcement. Criminals use “zero-proof technology” that removes any information such as amount of transaction, sender or recipient from the blockchain’s ledger. This blocks the tracing ability of blockchain and further prevents anti-money laundering efforts.In order to cope up with such criminals and their evasion techniques, law enforcement needs to become more stringent with better and advanced tools.

Anomaly detection is one such approach that can deter money laundering and other crimes like extortion and tax evasion. It is a common identification process to recognize the fraudulent or criminal behavior as that doesn’t follow the expected patterns. Wynyard Group uses anomaly detection in its Advanced Crime Analytics software that helps in preventing and solving crime.

The software is extremely helpful in preventing money laundering issues. It recognizes anomalous instances and highlights the activities that need attention. The anomaly detection feature brings out the events, behaviors and time periods that do not match with their usual pattern. The software is capable of tracking the fraudulent and preventing the crimes to occur in future.


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