Control Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing with Wynyard ACA

As much as there is a need to combat crimes like drug dealing, human trafficking, and gun crime, there is also a need to fight against transnational crimes and money laundering. The fact that transnational crimes can greatly affect the national borders and damage the fundamental values of the international community cannot be ignored.

According to a recent report, the government of Singapore is taking strict measures to stop cross border crime and money laundering by implementing technology and data analytics. Advanced technology involving anomaly detection could be proved beneficial in such instances.

Anomaly detection is the identification of data points, events or observations that are not in parallel with an expected pattern of a dataset. The advanced crime analytics software by Wynyard can be used to identify such anomalous instances, and in turn, highlight activities that require further investigation.

It is important that Government and private sector join hands together in order to dug out all the illegal activities out of the ecosystem. First and the foremost step would be to eradicate terrorism financing. Money laundering crimes would automatically come down with the removal of terrorism financing.

Wynyard ACA uses data analytics to investigate criminal occurrences. The software is enabled with features such as case management system, federal repositories, suspicious activity reporting, and gang intelligence to ensure timely detection of events to prevent them in future by recognizing the pattern.

The software is robust and offers in-built privacy. The visual dashboard allows the users to navigate through graphical data representations of anomalous instances to focus on nodes and edges with higher anomalous scores.



It comes as no surprise that crimes with and without the usage of technology are increasing in this ever growing tech savvy world. Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) is futuristic investigative analytics software that detects, prevents and solves crime much faster. The software is built for intelligence and investigations that can solve a variety of human as well as machine committed crimes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to outperform humans at various specified tasks. In simple words, AI can be defined as robots which behave like humans. Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, be it driver-less cars, face recognition tools, machine controlled pacemakers or autonomous weapons.

Since, Artificial Intelligence is capable of surpassing human intelligence, the risk of crimes being committed with the help of AI has increased. Autonomous weapons are a part of AI, if gone in the wrong hands, can cause a lot of destruction. Wynyard ACA’s comprehensive technology detects and prevents crimes and catastrophic disasters stimulated through AI. The product’s predictive analysis technique is capable of indicating the location where crimes are likely to happen with 500 square feet precision. A dashboard that is intuitive and joins the dots to solve crimes at a much faster rate is featured.

Attackers combine artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to link tools together and build bots that dodge detection. These tools are easily available on the internet and allow the attacker to get into the system of an organization causing irreversible damage. Wynyard ACA uses built-in capabilities to quickly visualise and analyse how networks of people are connected and what could harm a user system or organizational data.

The government of US have raised concerns about AI bots attacking nuclear weapons and permitting them to launch in future. AI threats are a major concern for the government considering the number of lives at risk. This puts a lot of pressure on the intelligence and investigation teams. Wynyard ACA’s software is essential for law enforcement teams and government agencies to prevent and solve crime faster by revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data. The product is competitive and powerful enough to detect and block web intruders from invading a personal storage.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming powerful day by day. Further, increasing the crime rate. Instead of waiting for some calamity to happen, let Wynyard ACA detect and prevent such incidents.

Vancouver Police Determined to Use Predictive Technology Like Offered by Wynyard Group to Fight Crime Smartly


The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) noted a dramatically declining rate of crime back in 2005 which motivated them to act smartly and stay a step ahead. As part of the same mindset, the VPD mentioned how a technology recently coming in use could be used by them too, for predicting and fighting crime. The technology in talk is, crime analytics, which is provided by many security solution providing giants like, Wynyard Group ACA (Advanced Crime Analytics). It is observed that when Vancouver police was able to achieve a rapid decline in crime rate with only manpower how much difference could a technology bring?

Property Crime

Property crime is the damage of a property belonging to someone else or even to yourself (to claim insurance compensation). Property crime is a category in which a property of any kind (belongings or house) is harmed or stolen in any of the following forms, theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny, vandalism, arson, and shoplifting.

Vancouver Police and Predictive Technology

Vancouver police department found out that ‘predictive’ technology uses past trends and records of criminals to determine when and where a possible break-in is likely to occur. This was a first of its kind step to be taken in Canada. Experiencing a dramatic decline in crime rate ratio motivated the Vancouver police. The motivation further intrigued VPD stay a step ahead of the criminals by implementing the use of a smart technology – crime prediction. According to the police chief of Vancouver department, Adam Palmer, using the crime fighting technology will help avoid a catastrophic event in time and prevent the loss of property and life too.

Wynyard Group, a renowned security solution provider in the US developed a successful proprietary solution namely, Advanced Crime Analytics. The software solution is built to render similar benefits and is designed to facilitate law enforcements, police departments, and investigation departments. The only difference is that crime detection and prevention based on geographical location is a single aspect of the solution and not the only dedicated functionality it offers. This makes the software extremely suitable for Vancouver police department keeping in mind all around aspects and future requirements.

The 80 Per Cent Accuracy Quotient

Vancouver police didn’t just choose to implement a technology as a resourceful helping hand to fight crime. Reportedly, the department conducted thorough tests for examining the authenticity and success quotient of the technology. It was found that the technology determines 80 per cent of accuracy in fighting crime, most specifically, property crime. Property crime is relatively higher in Vancouver which called for the need of a technology that could come handy in fighting the same.

Chief of police, Palmer stated that during the testing of the system for crime detection the ratio of property crime spiked in south of Broadway which is typically known for experiencing it relatively higher than other regions during summer.

Location-based crime analytics is generally helpful in fighting a variety of crimes besides just property crime. Thus, the use of advanced crime analytics technology like the one offered by Wynyard Group can advantage Vancouver police on a larger scale if seen from an all round perspective.


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