Wynyard Group in Focus: Key Elements That Comprises an Adept Crime Analytics Solution


Every piece of information plays a vital role in determining the verdict of a case. Keeping track of a criminal activity and its pattern of occurrence, not only facilitates the procedure of getting hold of the culprit but also ascertains that similar events are avoidable in future. The growing recognition of crime prevention among law enforcement makes Wynyard Group a pioneer of the industry with years of expertise in hand.

With Advanced Crime Analytics solution Wynyard has become an indispensable unit of the law enforcement across globe. Let us find out, what does Wynyard Group own that not many other renowned names in the industry of crime analytics and prevention don’t.

Crime-Analytics Essentials Put Together

There are certain parameters of being defined as the expert in a specified industry. To have experience and expertise are two entirely different things. You can have years of experience and not the expertise or vice versa. Following are some qualities that fully qualifies a product’s eligibility for advanced crime analytics.

  1. Accumulated Data Processing: When crime analytics is concerned, the data involved is generally available in massive volumes, processing which is incapable for generic applications. Specialized applications meant for crime analytics purposes like Wynyard Group ACA effortlessly justifies the requirements adequately. The solution meets accepted standards of fusing large masses of contrasting data in high volumes, varying in forms, structures, unstructured or semi structured – as one whole database.
  2.  Automated Data Analytics: Software solutions are meant to simplify procedures in comparison to the amount of work required to do the same thing manually. Technical intelligence is what makes a solution suitable for replacing manpower. In comparison to others of the its kind, Advanced Crime Analytics offers additional value to the procedure by automating it on an upgraded level. Besides physical labor, the solution also saves a large amount of time required for intelligence and investigation departments to conduct exposure of evidential information in a case saving their intellect for other tasks like making sense of the data.
  3. User Friendly Operations: The more user friendly a solution is, the more time an investigator saves. By automating a certain portion of the procedure and easing the entire operations of ACA, Wynyard secures its victory in the field of crime analytics. One of the biggest selling point here is how structured and unstructured data is automatically segregated making the operations user friendly for intelligence teams as a result accelerating the procedures and advancing it up a notch higher.
  4. Technically Equipped / Compliant: According to detailed comparative analysis Wynyard Group emerged as a winner in rendering a technically compliant solution. Not only does the solution offer the usual but also delivers the unusual and unexpected by meeting compliance requirements. Advanced Crime Analytics:
  1. Is feature rich with automated segregation of data
  2. Offers accessibility security
  3. Automation rules/alerts
  4. Guarantees speed yet accuracy in results
  5. Features strong and interactive link analysis
  6. categorizes relevant information from analyzed data
  7. Is scalable and examines all sizes and forms of data storage
  8. Built in a customizable form for added user-friendliness and flexibility in use
  9. Enables automated entity extraction as a built-in feature
  10. Built with public safety enabled to render fraud analytics
  11. Accepts user-customized query to data being examined
  12. Features geospatial information for advanced analytics
  13. Carves actionable intelligence from data masses instantly

The crime analytics industry is growing by each day and a lot of brands have emerged in the past supporting the initiative by rendering self-proclaimed expert solutions. A comparative analysis between analytics solutions of those brands and that of Wynyard Group ACA reveals expertise of the latter over others in terms of being comprehensively programmed and meeting compliance requirements successfully.


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