Wynyard Group among the top 6 Vendors in the Law Enforcement Software Market from 2017 to 2021:

Technavio has published a new report on the global law enforcement software market from 2017-2021. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Wynyard Group :

Wynyard Group is a market leader in high consequence Crime Fighting and Security Software, used by Law Enforcement and National Security Agencies, Critical Infrastructure Operations and major Corporations.

It’s Advanced Crime Analytics, Intelligent Cyber Risk Analytics and Investigation platforms helps solve growing Big Data and Security Problems including Organised and Transnational Crime, New Generation Extremism and High Consequence Cyber Crime.

Headquartered in Newark, CA, Wynyard partners with major Systems Integrators and the world’s leading software companies and has offices in the North America, UK, Europe, Switzerland, West Asia and India.

Wynyard was bought by Boundary Holding which specializes in running high tech companies in space of Big Data Analytics, Homeland Security, Cyber Security.


Wynyard Group Highlights How Law Enforcement bodies closely Monitor Security at U.S. Open to Prevent Human Trafficking

Wynyard ACA_Human Trafficking

Crowd gatherings have lately become a common target of a number of crimes, noticeably – bombings that claimed many lives and injured the rest. Large scale events are the soft spot for abusers of law due to the massive crowd gathering in attendance. Recently, the U.S. Open Championship commenced on the 8th of June, 2017 at Erin Hills. The security measures were increased as part of protecting the event from any criminal offenses that could possibly take place.  Preparation for securing the event began months ago, where officials were trained to handle crimes that are typically expected at large crowd gatherings like public intoxication involving either the use of alcohol or drugs. The local, state and federal law enforcements have been training themselves for years to keep fans safe during such large scale events.

However, one of the Milwaukee’s groups is determined to fight a different kind of crime at the event, relatively much gruesome – human trafficking. According to Jarrett Luckett, the executive director of Exploit No More said that “Human trafficking is largely noticed taking place at sporting events. Men hailing from different places come visit these events, away from their families. Men are the key element behind human trafficking taking place at such event.”

‘Exploit No More’ is an organization that raises awareness of human trafficking and how such events of sports act as a big attraction for abusers in order to curb the issue.

About 1,200 people are hired for handling security directions of law enforcement officials for which they have strictly been trained. One of these trainees said, “You really have to be in the zone. You cannot be thinking of anything other than the event security.”

Besides tightening of security measures, especially targeting the human trafficking issue, law enforcement officials also state that the people themselves need to be cognizant too of their surroundings. Law Enforcement can help you up to an extent. Being a responsible citizen and visitor, it is the responsibility of every person to be cognizant of the activities taking place in their surroundings and report to any suspicious activity they notice.

Law Enforcement bodies are responsible for preventing gun crime, human trafficking and similar events wherever they are likely to take place, such as large scale sports events or concerts. Therefore, a little help on the hand can help better analyze the situation and patterns of crime to block all possible entry points for such offenders.

Wynyard Group is an expert in the field of crime analysis with Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics software. The program helps achieve a clear analysis of the pattern in which series of criminal events take place in order to detect and prevent them.

Wynyard Group: Understanding patterns of Homeland Security breach is important for for US Government

The United States of America has been facing its worst homeland security crisis since 9/11. The U.S. President, Donald Trump, and his homeland security team appear embattled as severe terror alarm bells are threatening to compromise the country’s security structure.
Wynyard Group, a technology security company focused on crime analytics, has done significant analysis and brought out reasons that make it important for the U.S. to consider improving its safety measures for securing the homeland.

Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics


The U.S. government is facing a rise in terrorism simply because its pattern of occurrence hasn’t been tracked or examined. It is necessary to understand a criminal situation and devise a counter strike before it resurfaces. Different types of homeland security concerns have plagued the country, and crime analytics techniques will go a long way in curbing it.

· Worldwide Ransomware Attack: The United States, like the rest of the world, was recently under a massive cyber attack by the ‘wannacry’ ransomware cryptoworm, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The reported rise in computer hacks compelled the U.S. Homeland Security to expand its cybercrime center immediately.

· Emerging Drug Violence: The excessive demand and consumption of drugs across America has not only resulted in causing a devastating death toll due to overdose, but has also set off intense gang wars in the country and around, especially Mexico.

· Global Mass Terrorist Attacks: A series of terrorist attacks have been taking place around the world. All of them have a common pattern, but it went unnoticed. Much later, the homeland security department revealed that a pattern of using ‘common or easy-to-use tools’ were employed for executing terrorist activities to target general public in masses.

Wynyard Group, after studying the gradually declining homeland security conditions in the U.S., believes that in order to maintain a stable condition in the country, analysis and preventive technique needs to be implemented. The intelligence agencies must adopt superior technology to understand the patterns of criminal events, and design ways to take preventive measures.
Crime analytics technique, along with a strong intelligence workforce, has the potential to cohesively, efficiently, and effectively put an end to the rising homeland security concerns in the U.S., keeping it integrity safe.

Wynyard Group Crime Mapping Technology Can Help Mitigate and Gradually Cease Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has infected almost every corner around the world. Technology has taken people to unimaginable heights while there are still some who are involved in the cruddy business of human trafficking. However, emergence of technology found its way into abolishing this too. It has lately been of great help in relatively lowering the ratio of events in serial crimes like human trafficking. Wynyard Group is a proof that the technology of data analytics has rapidly become an indispensable part of the law enforcements. By helping investigators analyze and detect a crime pattern at an early stage, further helps prevent it from escalating in future.

Geospatial data, commonly known as location data, is an important source of information while analyzing both traditional data as well as big data. When someone refers to geospatial data, they are simply referring to data related to an address like a ZIP code, specific address, a point of interest. This data is then used as a resource in combination to a matching latitude and longitude with the help of geocoding.

The kind of information gained via geocoding can be of extreme help in inhumane cases like that of human trafficking. Evidently, the local police are not that great of a help when it comes to sensitive issues of like these. This ends up turning around the judgment against the victim while the perpetrators roam free instead. The power of big data analytics has introduced law enforcements with new technology to catch hold of the traffickers without much ado.

Wynyard ACA or Advanced Crime Analytics software is an essential utility for law enforcements. The software is devised keeping in mind government bodies and intelligence teams. The new age tool analyzes data based on many aspects one of which is geospatial analytics where location data is used to track and tap criminal activities. The technique is used to analyze, detect and prevent occurrences that lead to catastrophic situation.

With the help of analytics software, investigators can easily monitor intelligence geospatially. The benefit of using geospatial analytics in such critical cases is that it can fetch probable information about trafficking. This is possible by tracking regions where such organizations are known to operate that helps in tapping on suspicious patterns. Investigating through analytics gives investigators valuable set of information like the size of a trafficking network, pattern of its operations, historic data, and shift in identity, operational tactics and more.

Instead of following traditional methods of investigation, law enforcements can now gain leads through a suspect’s online activities. Since the indulgence in social networking, discussion forums to lure customers, use of virtual currency, has grown over time, the Internet could be a resourceful place for analysts. Wynyard Group makes a humungous contribution to the role of data analytics in law enforcement departments, government agencies, and other significant crime-fighting organizations.

Wynyard Group Explains How Geographic Profiling is a Key Technique in Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis has long been the method of examining, detecting and preventing a crime. Any methodology or technique that points to the principals of crime analysis is a key element one of which is, geographic profiling. Kim Rossmo discovered geographic profiling while studying under the professor-duo, Paul and Patricia Brantingham, who devised a theoretical crime model. The model focused on detecting locations where crimes were most likely to take place based on the study of an offender’s location of residence, leisure activity, and workplace. The technique introduced by Rossmo is a continuation of the same which is generally used for studying serial crimes like, rape, murder, abduction, etc. It is popularly used as a key element of crime analysis to help detect and prevent an event of a serial crime. The use of this technique is supported and promoted by Wynyard Group which is a notable name in the arena of crime analytics.

Role of Geographic Profiling in Crime Analysis Explained

Discovering the most probable area of criminal occurrence by analyzing the suspect’s base of activities is called Geographic Profiling (Rossmo, 2000). Used especially while investigating serial crimes, the technology helps law enforcements to apprehend the offender faster with investment of lesser time and resources demanded.

The following factors explain why geographic profiling is a hit in the crime analysis arena:

  • Prioritize: The technique is employed for not only analyzing suspect location, but also prioritizing multiple suspects based on their residence information. This helps shortlist those who are more likely to be the offenders in a case for further investigation.
  • Management: Geospatial profiling also helps law enforcement officials to manage suspect records based on their geographical information as in some cases the number of suspects could be more than hundreds and thousands.
  • Prioritize: Crime analysts can use the geographical records to prioritize the suspect records owned by police departments, such as arrest details, jail booking sheets, field interview which include address, charges prior to arrest, and physical description of the suspects.
  • Awareness: The crime analysts can use gained profiles of suspects to spread awareness amongst local area residents, neighboring watch groups, or conduct media campaigns to prevent similar occurrences in future.

Wynyard Group features Advanced Crime Analytics software that can be of significant help during detection and prevention of serial crimes. Geospatial profiling being one of the many superior services offered by ACA software can make it a helpful aid for crime analysts to detect crime patterns and law enforcements to prevent their occurrences by catching hold of the offender from the potential suspects.

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